"A Daughter birthing a Voice

Girl searching for a Voice

A Woman shaping a Voice

A Human being a Voice"



Photo by: Esther Heller

Apart from being a dedicated coffee drinker and food lover, T R V Λ N I Λ is a haitian poet, songwriter, singer and social worker. 


She developed a love for writing poems and songs at a very young age but since the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, she started using her art as a reflection and analysis of the societies in which she finds herself. 


Having left for Germany at the age of 16, she has since used her craft to deal with inner-conflicts and layers of one's own identity. She also tackles topics of sens- and sexuality.


T R V Λ N I Λ is also a co-founder of Poet & Prophetess, a collective seeking to promote and create a platform for writers/artists of color in Berlin.